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Saga Parts Banjo
Saga Kit Banjo
1980's Alvarez, 1960's Gibson rb-250 Neck Saga Parts banjo - Natural finish mahagony
SOLD 599.00 849.00 499.00
2014 Deering Eagle II  Deering Goodtime Open Back kit 1960's Gibson RB-100  


I prefer selling instruments in person, so that you'll know exactly what you're getting. If you are local to 76012 in Arlington, Texas, or willing to make a trip, email me to setup a date and time.
If, however, you wish to "distance purchase" I do take cards and checks, as well as Paypal. Shipping is a huge cost for banjos both due to their weight and dimensions, A tone ring banjo can cost 100 dollars to ship. Then there's the risk of damage in transit. Let me know if you wish to distance purchase and we can split the cost of shipping.