Texas-Luthier.com is Jim Penson, bluegrass musician, instructor, and luthier.
 We specialize in banjos, but build and repair guitars, violins, and mandolins as well.
  • Setups
  • Custom builds
    • Banjo
  • Restoration
    • Full restoration of vintage and modern instruments
  • Repair
    • Cracks
    • Neck resets
    • Setups
    • String height/action
    • Refinishes

    Commission Sales - Standard rate, 15% sale amount.All work is done by appointment in our shop. In general, how the process works is that an initial email exchange sets up a visit or, if not local, some photos and files are swapped to begin the process. All estimates will be given in writing via email. All work is guaranteed.

    For custom built instruments, the process starts with a spec sheet sent to you for approval, then you pay for the initial parts, and I collect the labor factor upon completion. Since instruments are so expensive to ship, I'll split the shipping - you pay one way, I'll pay return.